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Stretch Film

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Thin & Ultra-Powerful

Our Nano Stretch Film is a specially engineered film that gives optimum film performance, produced using the latest technology of stretch film manufacturing. The film produced with this state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology are well known for its high-performance produced in the very low thin gauge of 6-8 microns without reduction in its tear resistance & other mechanical properties of the film


Nano Stretch film helps end-users to reduce plastic consumption greatly giving extraordinary value for their money. Nano Stretch film produced in thickness of 10 to 15 microns is well known to work on very high-speed stretch wrapping machines giving Stretchability up to 350 - 400% which was never achievable in the old film production methodologies 


The Nano Stretch film gives very high durability and puncture resistance saving about 60% of the packaging cost of the end-user, reducing their plastic waste thereby helping in the SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING WASTE MANAGEMENT by REDUCTION of packaging waste generated.


Nano Stretch is the new standard. Ultra-thin, incredibly light, extraordinarily strong, it’s the cost-effective, wrap-efficient answer to your packaging challenges


Nano Stretch guarantees 100% of

Reduce consumption per pallet

Higher load stability in transportation

High tensile strength & puncture resistance

Excellent cling effect on the film layers

Modern Architecture

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