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PE Cling Wrap Film

Our PE Cling Film is produced from Low-Density polyethylene which is completely food grade & 100% recyclable. Our cling film is very transparent and has good stretchability. The PE Cling film also called plastic food wrap is widely used for wrapping different kinds of food, vegetables, fresh produce. Cling Film protects wrapped foods against any contamination Cling film ensures its freshness and keeps it tightly sealed thereby reducing the food waste.


We are a member of the private label manufacturing association (PLMA) and manufactures cling film as per their private label requirements of the film packaging. We are already exporting our private label packed cling film to various Grocery Store Chains, Supermarket chains of stores, and distributors in various European countries.


We can offer our cling film in different sizes, thicknesses, and varied cling properties in their private label packaging


Use of Cling Film


PE Cling film is the best suitable for wrapping high fatty food products like lard, butter, cheese, fish, lard, chops, steaks, burgers, cakes, etc., and is widely used in the HoReCa sector.

It can also be used in the production facilities of Donner/kebab It is used for packaging and wrapping kebab sandwiches. Our cling film is offered in different sizes in retail, catering in the household, and refill packs.

Available in various lengths, widths, and thickness

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