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Agri Stretch Film

Our High-Quality Silage wrap film is well known for its high performance in the agricultural film market in Europe. Our Silage Agri Stretch film is produced by the world’s leading resin manufacturers on the state of the art technologically advanced European production lines

The NPF Agro stretch film is used in the packing of silage fodder. It helps in wrapping and storing individual bales of hay or silage fodder. Our 9-layer film is highly extremely resistant to blows and punctures as well as perform well under extreme weather conditions

  • Our UV manufacturer gives us a guarantee of 12 months for UV protection for the Silage Agri Stretch after wrapping. It can be easily used on all kinds of wrapping machines like Krone, Orkel, Agronic, etc.


  • This bale wrap film has single side adhesion (the side that goes inside and keeps in touch with bale). Hence the bales do not stick together. Best suitable for round and square bales


  • If used as per the manufacturer's guidelines, the film keeps all the nutritional value of the packed fodder for a longer duration. It represents a safe, easy, and economic method of producing and storing fodder for a long duration.


  • It maintains the quality of your crop and ensures excellent forage quality thanks to its optimum oxygen barrier. It is completely food safe


We have our in-house test laboratory which helps us in ensuring operational reliability and consistency in the quality of the film


Silage Agri Stretch Films comes in two quality :

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