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Stretch Films

Super Performance structure


Industrial Wrap Film

Stretch films are transparent, highly stretch performance films that used to be wrapped around various products. They have excellent elongation properties and wrapping strength as well as high resistance against tearing and puncture.

Stretch films helps in protecting the packed goods during transportation against dust and they provide wrapped-goods solidity and excellent pallet stability. Stretch Wrapping enable safe, clean, and environment-friendly protection of goods during storage in the warehouse At NPF, Industrial Films produced in the three different variety

  • Machine Stretch Film – available in Basic, Standard 150% Stretch, Power Stretch 250%, Super Power Stretch 250 – 300 %

  • Hand Wrap Stretch Film: this comes with 120% Stretch and useful general-purpose hand wrap application 

  • Premium Low gauge 9-micron film: This is produced with a customized blend of special resins which helps in reducing the packaging cost of the end-user for the hand wrap application 

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