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PVC Rigid (Vinyl) Films

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of PVC Rigid calendaring film which is widely used for blister and thermo- forming applications. It can be produced in various colors with good opacity, with gloss & matte surfaces as per the need of customers. These films have very good printability.


Our films can be thermo-formed, welded, sealed, printed, or laminated as it offers good chemical resistance and

optimized protection.  We use the highest quality PVC resin from globally well-known manufacturers to ensure that our PVC films meet strict quality guidelines.

Our PVC Rigid film is which is available in a wide range of thicknesses as per the application requirements

We have a complete traceability system and all ingredients used are compliant with pharma/food applications. The plant is well equipped with a house, and QA laboratory which ensures continuous improvement in quality.

PVC Rigid films are available in Four varieties.

Transparent & Translucent Rigid PVC (Vinyl) Films
Matte / Gloss finish Rigid PVC (Vinyl) Films
Colored Rigid PVC (Vinyl) Films
Opaque Rigid PVC Films.jpg
Opaque Rigid PVC (Vinyl) Films
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  • Material: Rigid PVC

  • Width: from 70 mm up to 1500 mm

  • Thickness: 0.06mm (60 microns) – 0.60 mm (600 microns)

  • Up to 1500 meters and or any length can be customized 

  • Fire Retardant and Moisture proof

Application / Usage

  • Thermoforming application for making containers, boxes, etc.

  • Opaque PVC films are widely used in making trays through vacuum thermo-forming processes.

  • Vacuum forming

  • Lamination application

  • Sequin Manufacturing

  • This film has excellent print-ability on all printing technologies

  • It can be produced with gloss and matt surface finishes.

  • Used to make packaging material for toys and gadgets

Characteristics of PVC Film

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  • Moisture-proof

  • Matte or Goss finish surface

  • Good printability

  • Can be die-cut very easily

  • Plasticizer free

  • Excellent transparency and impact resistance

  • High durability and rigidness

Sorting Medicine

Used widely in Pharmaceutical Industry for blister packaging


Thermoforming Industry for application for Food, Non-food packaging, and folding box grade


Widely used in various medical devices such as external feeding bags, oxygen bags, Pressure cuffs, therapy back, cold packs, etc.

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