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About Us

National Plastic Factory (NPF), is the first manufacturer in the middle east region to start producing 9 layers & 33 Nano layer high-performance Stretch Films & other specialty packaging films like PE food wrap film, Silage Bale wrap (Agricultural Stretch Film). Our manufacturing unit is based in Qatar & currently exporting our packaging films to various countries of Europe, United Kingdom, North Africa, South America, North America, etc.

NPF is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and adhering to the global standard for the Social Compliance SMETA. NPF has been pioneering leadership in manufacturing these special engineered high-performance stretch films using nanotechnology in the middle east.

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Our Nano Stretch Film are well known for its high-performance in low and medium-thin gauge application in very high-speed stretch wrapping machines saving more than 60% of the packaging cost of the end-user helping them in reducing their plastic waste as well. 


NPF-produced Stretch films are well known for their high performance on the highly automated wrapping machines which need optimum tearing strength & stretch percentage. We also produce the Stretch film for hand wrap application, mini rolls are also known as bundling wrap, extended core stretch film.

In a very short period of time, NPF is set to become one of the global leaders in the Stretch industry thanks to our State-of-the-art production facility which uses cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing of stretch films, driven by best industry practices which help us in offering the best quality products to our customers

Our specialty packaging films are widely used in various market segments like industrial packaging, food packaging, and the agricultural industry

Why Should you choose National Plastic Factory?


Cutting Edge Technology

Our State-of-the-art production facility which uses cutting-edge Nanotechnology in the manufacturing of stretch films, driven by best industry practices helps us in offering quality products to our customers


Best Quality Material

We use a premium grade of plastic raw material to produce our high-performance 9 layer and 33 layer stretch film using the latest nanotechnology and supported by a very experienced production and quality team.


Adopting to new technologies

Adopts new technologies to ensure continuous product  development and keep on improving our infrastructure and methodology based on the future market demands and feedback of our valuable customers


Customer Satisfaction

We cater to the varying needs of our customers ranging from Industrial, food, and agricultural packaging industry and customize our specialty packaging films based on their requirements.


Time Management

​We can deliver the order on time in any country, Time is very important for the business.


Environmentally Friendly

Npf giving more important for the environment. Our products are recyclable which is not affecting the environment.

Our Products

Blister Packaging battery cell.jpg

Blister Packaging Films

Polyethylene is a versatile material that finds its use in various industries. It is widely used in battery packaging due to its thermoformable properties. Additionally, it is also used in medical devices such as external feeding bags, oxygen bags, pressure cuffs, therapy back, cold packs, and more.

stretch films

Stretch Films

National Plastic Factory Manufactured with advanced formulations and highest-quality virgin raw materials, our Perfect 9 stretch films eliminate breakages, guarantee safe load...

silage films middle east

Silage Films

Plastic Film Manufacturer with advanced formulations and highest-quality virgin raw materials, our Perfect9 ST Silage Film bale wrapping films realize perfect seal, eliminate breakages, and reduce cost dramatically.

cling wrap films

Cling Wrap Films

Our PE Cling Film is produced from Low-Density polyethylene which is completely food grade & 100% recyclable. Our cling film is very transparent and has good stretchability....

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