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Benefits of packaging film, Stretch film, Wrapping film

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

1. Stretch Film can give you excellent protection

  • Stretch wrap loads are more secure which minimizes shipping damages.

  • UVI stretch films can protect products stored outdoors from UV rays.

  • Strong opaque films conceal load contents and reduce instances of pilferage

  • Stretch films keep products free of dust, moisture, and dirt

  • packaging film, stretch film, and wrapping film.

2. Stretch Film can save your cost of protecting your goods

wrapping film
  • Stretch wrap film is more cost-effective than alternatives such as strapping, corrugated, or heat-shrink film.

  • Stretch wrap equipment typically costs less than same caliber alternatives like shrink wrapping and strapping equipment.

  • Stretch wrappers use less energy to operate than other unitizing methods like shrink-wrap systems.

3. Stretch Film is a recyclable product

  • Stretch films are using reusing material for making recyclable.

National Plastic Factory has been grown to become one of the largest middle east specialized packaging companies.. We have become a leading manufacturer of various packaging materials.

usage of stretch film
stretch film

National Plastic Factory is a Qatar-based leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality Stretch Wrap, Hand Wrap film, and bundling wrap films also called Mini rolls, PE Cling Wrap film, Food Packaging film, Agriculture Silage film.

We help our customers in offering customized packaging solutions for different fields of application to reduce the cost of packaging in an innovative way.

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